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Leif Handberg belyser Stadshuset med laser från R1:an

Wallenberg Global Learning Network (1999 – 2002)

New Methods for focusing on Students’ Learning Process and Reflection in Higher Education, Blomqvist, U., Handberg, L., Naeve, A. (2003), Proceedings of the 28th IUT (Improving University Teaching) Conference, Växjö, Sweden, June 16-19, 2003.


The Conzilloscope






Building blocks:

Asynchronous Public Service
Modeling and Mapping
CHARGE (Cultural Heritage Asynchronous Research Grid Environment)

Knowledge Negotiations based on Recorded Progression
Disagreement management

MATCH (MAthematical Transformations for Cultural Heritage)

Graphing Calculator / Augmented Reality

Matteplåster (Math bandages)

The KMR Math Explainatorium
The KMR Learning Object Repository

MathRehab at Youtube
Reawakening interest
Geometric Algebra
First Class Mathematics

Mathematical Hikes
Einstein for Flatlanders
The Linear War between the planets Vectoria and Vectoria’
Math Trek Voyager – spatial awareness and mobility

The Human Category
Socially Responsible Algebra
• Artificial Ethics

Biographies of Women Mathematicians, at Agnes Scott College

Lessons learned from the EU/IST/FP7 project TELL ME:
Technology Enhanced Learning Livinglabs for Manufacturing Environments
(Nov 2012 – Oct 2015):

The TELL ME Book

Abstract Service Interfaces
Work Spaces and Work Places
The TELL ME Innovation Cycle
“Our” TELL ME Deliverables


Collectigence – Concept improvement process:

Concept improvement process


Collectigence – intensive and extensive semantics:

Intensive and extensive semantics


Rules ∆ Examples:

Rules Delta Examples


Interpreting and expressing thoughts 1:

Interpreting and expressing thoughts 1


Interpreting and expressing thoughts 2:

Interpreting and expressing thoughts 2


Communicating through thought-graphs:

Communicating through thought-graphs


Mapping a thought-square 1:

Mapping a thought-square 1


Mapping a thought-square 2:

Mapping a thought-square 2


Mapping a thought-square 3:

Mapping a thought-square 3


Mapping a thought-square 4:

Mapping a thought-square 4


Mapping a thought-square 5:

Mapping a thought-square 5


Mapping a thought-square 6:

Mapping a thought-square 6


Avbildningar för bildning: 3D-Conzilla i R1:an:

The \, A_{ctor} \, implemented in the \, R_{eactor} \,

\langle \, A_{ctor} \, \vert \vert \, R_{eactor} \, \rangle \,

• Kunskapsförhandlingar kring den sanerade reaktorhärden via “holografisk” projektion och laserpekare.

The Semantic Sliderule

Space-time knowledge explorer, Ambjörn Naeve on YouTube, 2 June 2011.
What does it feel like to do mathematics?

Bringing in Lillehammer, Norway


Mattekurser som processmodeller:

Matematik för Bio och K (Kursmodell 2007):
Gunnar Johnsson och Ambjörn Naeve i Matriks projektet)

Calculus for Bio and K (2007) in Conzilla


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