The Catenary

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Tractrix and Catenary – Involute and Evolute of each other
The catenary is the evolute of the tractrix, and hence
the tractrix is an involute of the catenary:

The interactive simulation that created this movie.

In the movie, the parametric equation of the blue tractrix (of Huygens) is given by

\, x(t) = a \log(\dfrac{1}{\cos 2 \pi t} + \tan 2 \pi t) - a \sin 2 \pi t \,

\, y(t) = a \cos 2 \pi t \, .

The red point is the center of curvature the corresponds to the blue point. As it moves along the tractrix, the red point moves along the light-blue catenary

\, y(x) = a \cosh \dfrac{x}{a} \, ,

which is therefore the evolute of the tractrix. Therefore, the tractrix is the involute of the catenary that corresponds to its vertex point.

/////// Quoting Wikipedia:



The interactive simulation that created this movie.

Interactive simulation of Catenoid-Helicoid-2.


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