Plane Curves

This page is a sub-page of our page on Geometric Shapes.


The sub-pages of this page are:

• Conics = Conic Sections
Cycloids and Trochoids
Evolutes and Involutes
Parallel Curves
Inverse Curves
Anallagmatic Curves
Pedal Curves
• Strophoids
Curves of constant width
• Tractrix
Brachistochrone = The curve of quickest descent
Tautochrone = The curve of equal descent
Logarithmic Spirals

Bézier curves


Other related sources of information:

The Penguin Dictionary of Curious and Interesting Curves,
David Wells, ISBN 0-14-011813-6.


The interactive simulations on this page can be navigated with the Free Viewer
of the Graphing Calculator.



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