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Organic.Edunet – A Multilingual Federation of Learning Repositories with Quality Content for the Awareness and Education of European Youth about Organic Agriculture and Agroecology

Organic.Edunet was a 3-year European project that ran between October 2007 and September 2010. Organic.Edunet was funded by the EU IST eContent+ programme and aimed to facilitate access, usage and exploitation of digital educational content related to Organic Agriculture (OA) and Agroecology. It deployed a multilingual online federation of learning repositories, populated with quality content from various content producers. In addition, it deployed a multilingual online environment (the Organic.Edunet portal) that facilitate end-users’ search, retrieval, access and use of the content in the learning repositories.

The project studied educational scenarios that introduced the use of the Organic.Edunet portal and content to support teaching of topics related to OA and Agroecology. Organic.Edunet focused on achieving interoperability between the digital collections of OA and Agroecology content that producers in various EU countries have developed, as well as facilitating publication, access, and use of this content in multilingual learning contexts through a single European reference point. In this way, digital content that can be used to educate European Youth about the benefits of OA and Agroecology has become easily accessible, usable and exploitable.

The tasks of the KMR group within the Organic.Edunet project included creating the Organic.Edunet Confolio and maintaining a set of learning repositories and community portals, supporting, collecting and collaboratively annotating (= creating metadata for) digital learning resources. This was done using the SCAM framework and Confolio e-portfolio system, both being developed by the KMR group over the last decade.

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