TEL-Map Deliverables

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TEL-Map D1.1:
A Modeling Primary on Methods and Techniques for
Communicative Modeling and Disagreement Management

• TEL-Map D1.2
Conceptual Framework for Dynamic Roadmapping, first version report

• TEL-Map D2.1
Roadmapping Community Management Through Electronic Portfolios

• TEL-Map D2.3
Supporting Discourse Management for TEL-Map Stakeholders

TEL-Map D2.4
Supporting Roadmapping in TEL – Core Technical Infrastructure

TEL-Map D2.5-(D2.7)
Contextualized TEL Roadmaps

TEL-Map D2.6
Implementation Guide (final) to Dynamic Roadmapping:
Managing Innovation in Turbulent Times

TEL-Map D3.1
Report on Scenarios for TEL futures

• TEL-Map D7.1
Dynamic engagement, dissemination & awareness guidelines and tools integration, first version report

• TEL-Map: “Capturing the Voices” Methodology (version 0.90)


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