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ROLE Deliverables
The Learner Cockpit
e-Portfolio City


Responsive Open Learning Environments (ROLE) was an Integrated Project within
EU IST FP7. It started in February 2009 and it ran until the end of January 2013.

ROLE offered adaptivity and personalization in terms of content and navigation of the entire learning environment and its functionalities. This approach permits individualization of the components, tools, and functionalities of a learning environment, and their adjustment or replacement by existing web-based software tools. Learning environment elements can be combined to generate (to mashup) new components and functionalities, which can be adapted by lone learners or collaborating learners to meet their own needs and to enhance the effectiveness of their learning. This empowers each user to generate new tools and functions according to their own needs, and can help them to establish a livelier and personally more meaningful learning context and learning experience.

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