TELL ME Exploitation Plans for KTH

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KTH Dissemination Plans

For KTH, dissemination in the context of SMEs in manufacturing means two-way exchange of knowledge, insights, challenges and opportunities, between the manufacturing community (the network of SMEs and larger enterprises, and their communities) and the university’s teachers, students and researchers. The challenges facing learners in such SMEs are important test-beds for KTH, since they enable KTH specialist departments, such as the KTH Library or KTH Innovation, to try out socially-responsible learning innovations in authentic settings.

In TELL ME, KTH and its SME partners will use available media channels and social networks to share responses to change and experiences of becoming highly skilled in the application of new knowledge. In addition to sharing knowledge within the project, KTH will host or participate in on-line and face-to-face seminars and LivingLab events, publicize the learning outcomes and resulting commercial successes of its SMEs, and encourage more SMEs and learners to participate.

KTH Exploitation Plans

KTH intends to use TELL ME as a candidate to support its Social Responsibility Agenda. We start with this model: we aim to reach out to at-risk groups (starting with poorly-skilled blue collar workers in manufacturing SMEs). We provide them with access to new knowledge, skills and personal support from peers and from KTH students, collaborating towards a goal. One important basis for this is KTH’s social innovation within TELL ME, the OCA or Opportunistic Collaboration Agency. The TELL ME tools, content, peer-to-peer collaborator networks and LivingLabs will be supported by OCA processes.

The business model will be “Freemium”, meaning that basic OCA services will be offered free to everyone. Sponsors will be found to pay for additional services and Service Level Agreements (SLAs), provided by KTH and its local partners on a non-profit basis. Also, people willing to pay full fees (meaning without sponsorship) will be allowed access to the additional services, on the basis that any surplus income will be used to sponsor others.


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