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Knowledge Manifolds
• Conceptual Browsing
New Paradigms and Tools for Mathematics Education
Experimental Projects in Mathematics Education
• Mathematics produced at CVAP
• Historical Manuscripts
Technology Enhanced Learning
E-learning Frameworks and Semantic Web Technologies
• Component-based Learning Technologies
• Semantic Interoperability
• Presence Production


• Ambjörn Naeve on ResearchGate



Knowledge Manifolds

An educational architecture that supports inquiry-based customizable forms of e-learning.

Conceptual Modeling

Unified Language Modeling – a modeling technique to visually represent how we talk about things.

Conceptual Browsing

A new kind of knowledge management tool called a concept browser for conceptual organization and exploration.

New paradigms and tools for mathematics education

An educational system in crisis needs a paradigm shift. We are studying the paradigms and developing the tools that will make this happen.

E-learning frameworks and Semantic Web Technologies

New and exciting web technologies are quickly emerging, enabling a different kind of learning experience.

Component-based learning technologies

The design, use and reuse of learning material for the digital era requires a modular design philosophy.

Semantic Interoperability

When different conceptual models must interact, tools for knowledge management and conceptual calibration are desperately needed.

Presence production

Bridging the gap between the virtual and the physical creates new possibilities for encounters.


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