From Graph Theory to Category Theory

This page is a sub-page of the page on our review of the book Siffrorna i våra liv by Stefan Buijsman.


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Category Theory
A Categorial Manifesto
Categorical Informatics
Limits and Colimits
Functor Categories
Category of Bundles (over a Base Space)
Naturally Related Functors and Processes
Adjoint Functors
Institution Theory
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Other relevant sources of information:

Graph Theory
The Perron-Frobenius theorem
A Networked World by David Spivak
Beyond Classical Bayesian Networks at the blog of John Baez.
Lambda the Ultimate – The Programming Languages Weblog
Seven Sketches in Compositionality – An invitation to applied category theory
by Brendan Fong and David I. Spivak.
Applied Category Theory Seminar

Category Theory (at Wikipedia)
Abelian Category (at Wikipedia)
Alexander Grothendieck (at Wikipedia)
Lambda, the Ultimate
From Design Patterns to Category Theory by Mark Seemann.
From Design Patterns to Category Theory at Hacker News
Workshop on Applied Category Theory in Leiden/The Netherlands, April 30 – May 4, 2018.
Workshops: From Design Patterns to Universal Abstractions,
Workshops 2019, at NDC, Sydney, Australia.
• Ambjörn’s archive on category theory at
A Networked World by David Spivak, 2019.
Applied Category Theory Seminar, 2019.
With Category Theory, Mathematics Escapes From Equality,
by Kevin Hartnett, October 10, 2019.


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