Technology Enhanced Learning

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The sub-pages of this page are:

• Component-based Learning Technologies
E-learning Frameworks and Semantic Web Technologies
Semantic Interoperability

The sub-menues from the related Knowledge Management page are:

Conceptual Browsing
Conceptual Modeling
Knowledge Manifolds


Other relevant sources of information:

MOOCs fail in their mission to disrupt higher education,
University World News, 23 January 2019.
2018 review of online learning: weak leadership (by Tony Bates)
The coming calculus MOOC revolution and the end of math research,
Math Babe, 20 January 2014.
Education is over … by William Rankin

In Swedish:

Politiken hotar Matematiken Anders Björner et al.,
Svenska Dagbladet, Debatt, 2 sept 2009.
Ambjörn Naeve om Nätbaserat Lärande
Intervju med Ambjörn Naeve, matematiker och forskare på CSC-skolan, KTH 2011.



Technology Enhanced Learning

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