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Ethical E-Commerce
Socially Responsible Algebra
Digital Bolshevism
• Social Algebra
Social Calculus
Category Theory
The Human Category
Algebraic Thought
Matrix Algebra
Disambiguating plus
Rings of Polynomials
MATCH (MAthematical Transformations for Cultural Heritage)
CHARGE (Cultural Heritage Asynchronous Research Grid Environment)



The Age of Surveillance Capitalism by Shoshana Zuboff, 2019. Review by James Bridle in The Guardian, 2 February, 2019.
Platform Capitalism by Nick Srnicek, 2017.
New Dark Age – Technology and the End of the Future, by James Bridle, 2018.
Winners Take All: The Elite charade of Changing the World, by Anand Giridharadas, Penguin Books, 2019.
Rage Inside The Machine: The Prejudice of Algorithms and How to Stop the Internet Making Bigots of Us All, by Robert Elliot Smith, Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, 2019.
Morality By Design – Technology’s Challenge to Human Values, by Wade Rowland, Intellect Ltd, 2019.
The Road to Unfreedom, Timothy Snyder, 2018.
How Democracy Ends, David Runciman, Profile Books, 2018.
World Without Mind – The Existential Threat of Big Tech, by Franklin Foer, 2017.
Sensemaking – What Makes Human Intelligence Essential in the Age of the Algorithm, by Christian Madsbjerg, ABACUS, 2017.
Reclaiming common sense: Finding truth in a post-truth world, by Robert Curry, 2019, Book review by By John Tamny, September 24, 2019.
The Age of Surveillance Capitalism by Shoshana Zuboff, 2019.
• Interview with Shoshana Zuboff where she explains how we allowed big tech to create surveillance capitalism:
Zucked – Waking Up to the Facebook Catastrophe, by Roger McNamee, Harper Collins, 2019. Review in the Guardian by John Harris, 7 February, 2019.
The Demon in the Machine: How hidden webs of information are solving the mystery of life, by Paul Davies, Review by Steven Poole in the Guardian, 18 January 2019.
The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power, by Joel Bakan, 2004.
The New Corporation: How “Good” Corporations are Bad for Democracy, by Joel Bakan, 2020.


There is No Algorithm for Truth – with Tom Scott
(The Royal Institution on YouTube):


Other relevant sources of information:

Big Tech’s guide to talking about AI ethics
Why is ‘AI and Ethics’work mostly a waste of time? Commentary by Stephen Downes, 22 March 2021.
Neuro-interventions as Punishment By Corey H. Allen, Eddy Nahmias, and Eyal Aharoni, 9 March 2021.
The Problem With Ethical Codes and Learning Analytics
• The Epstein scandal at MIT shows the moral bankruptcy of techno-elites,
The Guardian, 7 September, 2019.
Jeffery Epstein at Wikipedia.
Humans Don’t Realize How Biased They Are Until AI Reproduces the Same Bias,
says UNESCO AI Chair John Shawe-Taylor.
• The Shallowness of Google Translate,
by Douglas Hofstadter, The Atlantic, January 30, 2018.
The Invention of ‘Ethical’ AI: How Big Tech Manipulates Academia to Avoid Regulation, Rodrigo Ochigame, December 20 2019.
Freedom in an Age of Algocracy, by John Danaher, (forthcoming in Oxford Handbook on the Philosophy of Technology edited by Shannon Vallor).
Ethics in Action, The IEEE Global Initiative on Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems.
• Strategy mapping: a method for making value tensions explicit in design and deployment of IT systems. Å. Walldius, in Ethics Inf Technol (2018).

This Life: Secular Faith and Spiritual Freedom – a conversation with Martin Hägglund from the pod Life after God, on YouTube
This Life: Secular Faith and Spiritual Freedom, by Martin Hägglund.
Martin Hägglund – This Life: Why Mortality Makes Us Free, lecture by Martin Hägglund at the University of York Audio Visual Centre, 30 Oct 2019.
This Life: Why Mortality Makes Us Free, by Martin Hägglund, 2019.

Education is over … by William Rankin
Rethinking human-AI interaction, by Jessy Lin, 8 June 2020.

///// Facebook:

Facebook CIA Project: The Onion News Network.
Undercover Video Captures Trump Campaign’s Data Firm Discussing Entrapping Politicians With Sex (Mother Jones)
Facebook: Vän eller Fiende – del 1 (av 2) (Dokument Utifrån).
Facebook: Vän eller Fiende – del 2 (av 2) (Dokument Utifrån).
Facebook erkänner sitt bidrag till ett folkmord – efter stark press,
Karin Petterson (Aftonbladet), 14 november 2018.
Det är dags att vakna – demokratin är i fara,
Karin Petterson (Aftonbladet), 14 november 2018.
Literally Just A Big List Of Facebook’s 2018 Scandals

///// Cambridge Analytica:

Cambridge Analytica Uncovered: Secret filming reveals election tricks.
Detta har hänt: Facebook och Cambridge Analytica
Så får du all information som Facebook har om dig (SVD Näringsliv)
• Läckt PM ny kris för Facebook (SVT Nyheter)

///// Cathy O’Neil:

Weapons of Math Destruction: How Big Data Increases Inequality and Threatens Democracy.
• Weapons of Math Destruction: Cathy O’Neil Adds Up The Damage Of Algorithms.
• Cathy O’Neil: The Era of Blind Faith in Big Data must End, TED2017, YouTube.
Mathbabe: Exploring and venting about quantitative issues.
Don’t Worry About the Ethics of Self-Driving Cars
Congress Is Missing the Point on Facebook
As Facebook Shows Its Flaws, What Might A Better Social Network Look Like?
ORCAA (O’Neil Risk Consulting & Algorithmic Auditing).
It’s the age of the algorithm, and we have arrived unprepared.
• This logo is like an organic sticker for algorithms that aren’t evil.
Mark Zuckerberg Is Totally Out of His Depth – and so are all the big boys of tech.

///// Similar Initiatives

Algorithmic Justice League by Joy Buolamwini: How I’m fighting bias in algorithms.
Algorithm Watch
The ADM Manifesto
IUI-ATEC 2019: Intelligent User Interfaces for Algorithmic Transparency in Emerging Technologies

///// The IEEE Global Initiative on Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems

The IEEE Global Initiative on Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems.
Ethics in Action at IEEE.

///// Civil Law Rules on Robotics

Civil Law Rules on Robotics: European Parliament resolution of 16 February 2017
with recommendations to the Commission on Civil Law Rules on Robotics.

///// Bill Gates on Robotics

The robot that takes your job should pay taxes, says Bill Gates.

///// Data matters

Data Matters: Ethics, Data and International Research Collaboration in a Changing World.

///// The n-Category Café

The n-Category Café: A group blog on math, physics and philosophy
(by John C. Baez et al.)

In Swedish:

///// Artificiell intelligens

• Idévärlden (21 jan 2018): Artificiell intelligens – ett hot mot mänskligheten?
Stötande att nätbolag kartlägger våldtäktsoffer, av Linda Jerneck, Expressen, 30 jan 2020

Revealed: how drugs giants can access your health records, by Toby Helm, The Guardian, 8 Febr 2020.


Artificial versus Genuine Intelligence:

Artificial versus Genuine Intelligence

John Kay – Obliquity: Why our goals are best achieved indirectly

The Dark Secret at the Heart of AI: No one really knows how the most advanced algorithms do what they do, Will Knight, MIT Technology Review, April 11, 2017.

The terrifying results of a new AI study by Ella Alderson February 7, 2021.

An invitation to reverse-engineer an example of a ‘post-selection’ type of algorithm:

Darwin at Home in Ten Minutes, by Gerald de Jong on YouTube, 2011.


Provably Beneficial AI:

Provably Beneficial AI | Stuart Russell I, 1 February 2017

Provably Beneficial AI | Stuart Russell II, 25 March 2019

Provably Beneficial AI | Stuart Russell III, 25 June 2019


In his book Morality By Design Wade Rowland writes:

As we struggle to cope with the terrible toll our economic successes have taken on the natural environment, we are now forced to deal with another, unexpected set of issues. The question facing us is: what is it about being human that we want to preserve, to protect from the seductions of technology and the market? What, exactly is at risk when we deploy engineering strategies to “improve” humanity and its social environment? What might a “perfected” human being be like? What limits should be imposed on the infiltration and manipulation of human activity by machine intelligence?

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