Learning Object Repository

This page is a sub-page of the page on our The Mathematical Explainatorium.


The sub-pages of this page are:

• Algebra
Shift of Basis
• Calculus
Category Theory
Physics and its Models
Formula Repository


Related pages:

What is Mathematics?

First Class Mathematics
Numbers and their Digits in different Bases
Expandable Learning Objects

Solfege: An Abstract Key System
Chord Ladder
Chord-Set Inclusion Graph
Harmony and Melody

Oscar Reutersvärd
M.C. Escher
Shift of Basis in Art
Conformal Face Mapping

Tesseracts for Flatlanders
Einstein for Flatlanders
Einstein for Linelanders
The Linear War between the planets Vectoria and Vectoria’

Interactive Learning Objects
Arithmetical Crossfire
Arrow Board
Mathematical Cogwheels
Numbers and their Digits in different Bases


Other relevant sources of information:

3Blue1Brown, Steven Strogatz on YouTube


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