The Knowledge Management Research Group

The evolutionary process

An important part of the Garden of Knowledge project is to document the interdisciplinary cooperative process. This is a notoriously difficult task - with which we have all struggled in various ways within the project group. In my capacity as initiator and overall architect of the Garden of Knowledge, I have had the role of formulating the basic conceptual structure, and in my capacity of mathematical gardener I have had the role of supplier of content (= knowledge source). It is from this perspective that I will try to describe the evolutionary process of the Garden of Knowledge project - as I have experienced it.

The initial DIL project

The Pythagorean Lecture

The Concept

The Big Think

The Pythagorean Mutiny

The Consolidation

The Exoteric-Esoteric Duality

The Emergency Hack

The First Prototype - the Garden of Pythagoras

Play it again Pythagoras (Titti Hasselrot interviews Ambjörn Naeve)

Recovering from Pythagoras - towards a second prototype

The Second Prototype - Hyperbolic Angels and Devils

The Grand Epistemological Scheme

The Compromise

The Third Prototype - The Rolling Doughnut

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