The Knowledge Management Research Group

The Grand Epistemological Scheme

After this demo it was decided that the GOK project would continue during the next year - at least until the end of June 97. By that time the entire work-plan for CID would be up for renewal anyway. Having produced one interactive, text-based prototype and then a (more or less) non-interactive multi-medial prototype, we were now eager to come up with a prototype that was both interactive and multi-medially supported.

Up til now, the monumental figure of the 'knowledge-gardener' Pythagoras had dominated our conception of what the garden would be like. As the idea of a more distributed form of 'gardenership' took hold within the group, I came up with the concept of a knowledge-patch (kunskapst├Ąppa) to adapt the garden to this idea. Each knowledge-patch would have its own gardener, who would be responsible for the knowledge presented there. These patches would then be linked together into some form of knowledge-patch-work. From this patchwork I later developed the overall structure of a Knowledge Manifold - by connecting up with some of my old ideas about 'calibration by coherence' related to the concepts of direct- and inverse limits from Category Theory, which is a modern branch of mathematics.

During the winter I made an attempt to formulate an overall epistemologic structure of the GOK - an attempt that is presented in Chapter (11) below. In a CID-seminar of April 23, we gave a presentation of our project, where I described the GOK program as a compost-intellectual philosophy-s(t)imulator. The meta-structural pattern behind this analogy is shown in Figure (30).


The linguistically based concept formation (= 'concept geometry') of Chapter (11.2) forms the basis for the epistemological classification of Figure (38) based on successive 'layers of disregards'. The topology of such multi-layered equality is presented in Chapter (12), and it forms the basis for effective design of the knowledge-components of Figure (37).

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