The Knowledge Management Research Group


Please note:

Some of the suggestions below are old and this page will soon be updated. However, if you find any suggestion interesting, do not be afraid to contact us.

Ideas for projects

  • Automatic generation of maps, layout issues.
  • Supporting Location-dependent Content through GPS
  • Course construction in Conzilla.
  • History in Conzilla, graph history in maps.
  • Personal profiles in Conzilla / Accessibility
  • Help Desk integration
  • Conzilla3D? in 3-dimensional environments.
  • JavaScript control? / Mozilla interaction.
  • PowerConzilla (serialized presentations)
    • Layer managment in maps.
    • Sketchboard (layer above map)
    • Dynamic (interactive) maps
  • Investigation and improvements of editing techniques (grouping, better clipboard, deep copy, templates, visual shortcuts for node and relation types, etc.).
  • Resolver systems for persistent URI's, URNs in conzilla. (LDAP etc.)
  • Generation of domain specific diagrams, e.g UML for object oriented languages such as java, XML-trees, etc.
  • National agency for education (Skolverket) Java-OS (VWE)

Ongoing projects

  • SearchFill: Using Searches to fill Concepts with Content, examplified use with google and edutella.
  • ConzillaUsabilty?: Usability studies of Conzilla and Conzilla manual.

Finished projects

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