The Knowledge Management Research Group

The Emergency Hack

Within the project group, we pretty much followed our own trails of thought during the summer. When we met up again in early August, we had some problems in coordinating these trails. I envisaged a working prototype within a month (= middle of September) - a prototype that would have to include some kind of interactive structure on top of a carefully selected set of interesting facts - in accordance with the ideas discussed above. In view of the earlier criticism from the meeting at Apple, I felt that the informational contents that we were going to present in this prototype would have to be interesting enough to convince the sponsors of CID - within academia as well as industry - that the GOK project was something quite different from the ordinary 'childish educational programs' that seem to flood the market and contribute to giving the entire concept of multi-medial education a bad name.

As time went by and August passed into September, it became increasingly clear to me that we were not going to have any prototype at all to show on evaluation-day, which was coming up on September 12. Therefore, a day and a half before 'demo deadline', Rikard and I started up an 'emergency hack'. During a 30 hours marathon session, we implemented a substantial part of my text-based design, which was built on top of a classical picture of Pythagoras in his garden of knowledge.

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