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Presence is defined as the subjective experience of being in one place or environment, even when one is physically situated in another (Presence journal 2000). To produce a sense of presence and reality, sensory environment, individual preconditions and content characteristics are important factors (Enlund N.).

Experiments are carried out using different types of human-to-human communication mediated by distance technologies. Telepresence production may sometimes be an alternative to physical presence in different learning modes and digital networking production systems.

Another research focus is performance spaces that may be mediated with transparent distance technology for a different "language" and "storytelling" in the virtual space.


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Knudsen, C.; page 84 - 85, "Folk 2000", Stensrud A., ISBN:82-442-0005-7

Seminars and installations

  • Academic Forum, ePresence installation, KTH, Stockholm, 2001
  • Stockholm Wireless, ePresence installation, KTH, Stockholm, 2001
  • "Performance" seminar, Grieg Academy, University of Bergen 2001
  • WGLN, Wallenberg Global Learning Network, Standford Univ. Ca., 2000
  • Norwegian Sparebank, "Future research in communication", KTH, Stockholm 2000
  • WGLN, Wallenberg Global Learning Network, "Interactive Performance Spaces",
  • KTH, Stockholm 2001

Conference talks

  • Knudsen, C.; Swedish Teleconference User Group, KTH, Stockholm 2000
  • Knudsen, C., Handberg L., Enlund N.; Nowegian Concert Institute, "LYDyngel" conference, Bergen 2001
  • Knudsen, C.; LYDyngel - Norwegian Concert Institute, Video Art Instalation, Bergen 2001
  • Knudsen, C.; "Experiences from distributed education and course cooperation between universities in Norway and Sweden", EGIN conference, European Graphic Industry Network, Madrid 2001
  • Knudsen, C., Handberg L.; EDEN conference, KTH, 2001
  • Knudsen, C., Handberg L.; TIME 2000, Installation in R1, KTH Experimental Scene, KTH, Stockholm 2000
  • Knudsen, C., Holtham C.; DIVERSE, Conference on Video and Videoconferencing, "In-office video conferencing: how technology makes an experienced academic feel like a novice", Derby, UK, 2001

Contact: Claus Knudsen

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