The Knowledge Management Research Group

The Virtual Mathematics Explainatorium

The Virtual Mathematics Explainatorium (VME) is the name of a mathematical knowledge manifold that is being constructed by the KMR-group using Conzilla. The concepts are being described with metadata and filled with content components according to the general design principles for knowledge manifolds. Moreover, filters are created that allow the selective viewing of the content - based on different aspects and levels of difficulty[1]. The idea is that teachers should be able to browse through the VME and find components that cover the relevant aspects of the topics they are interested in at the appropriate level of complexity.

While functioning for teachers and learning module designers as a distributed archive (open repository) of resource components, the VME will also serve as an environment where learners can navigate through the mathematical landscape and explore the topics of their own interest at the level of complexity of their own choice. This is a strategically important functionality of an interactive learning environment that aspires to support inquiry-based learning. See Naeve, Conceptual Navigation... and Naeve, The work of AN... for more detailed discussions of this topic.



[1] The ease with which such filters are constructed and modified is a major strength of the Conzilla tool.

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