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Tenured preacher/learner duty


Interpretation: This is the traditional “knowledge-pushing“ educational design pattern of life-long teaching and compulsory learning which is practiced in most forms of earlier education of today. The teacher is seen as a tenured (= securely employed) preacher, who can teach as he or she wants to without having to worry about whether the learners like it or not - at least not as long as their signs of dislike can be kept within socially controllable bounds. This behavior pattern is referred to as agent 007 with a right to kill interest.

In this pattern the learners are seen as pupils with a number of school duties, which makes them prisoners of a compulsory detention system. In this way they adopt a strategy of minimal learning efforts - doing their time in return for a degree.

Many teachers still seem to implement the pattern of the traditional teacher-preacher - discussed above. It goes well with the compulsory learning pattern, which is another essential component of the overall pattern of the educational process, especially in its early parts. It also reinforces the employment-security attitude that is inherent in the tenure-based pattern of permanent teaching positions. Getting a permanent staff position (getting your tenure) is still considered to be the main measure of qualification within the teaching community.

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