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Requested preacher/learner right


Interpretation: This pattern forms the basis of the emerging “knowledge-pulling“ educational architectures that characterize much of the present course-development for industry, as well as the many-fold activities of various kinds of ‘study-circles'. The teaching is not life-long, but rather performed on request. The teacher is seen as a pedagogical knowledge resource and a pedagogical consultant. When somebody(ies) are interested to learn, then is the time to teach. “Man lär så länge man har elever!” (≈ You teach as long as somebody is learning.)

On the complementary side of the pattern, the learners are seen as students with a number of school rights, and a student is a knowledge seeker basing his/her studies on interest.

The effective implementation of educational systems founded on this pattern will demand different ways of thinking about the role of the teacher. In the educational systems of tomorrow, the switch-boarding possibilities of cyberspace will useful in order to connect knowledge-sources of prime quality with learners that have a strong interest. Within such a learning environment, the role of the traditional teacher can be split up in - at least - a three-fold of different aspects, according to the Knowledge preacher/coach/plumber pattern. Here the functioning of the teacher is split up into the three different roles of teacher-preacher, teacher-gardener and teacher-plumber.

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