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Why a content repository for Collaborilla?

  • Apache Jackrabbit for Java
  • No outside connections to other systems
  • WebDAV can be (or is?) implemented in Jackrabbit as well
  • Versioning is native
  • Access control
  • Full text searching
  • Event monitoring
  • Compact deployment
    • No LDAP server, no patching
    • No additional DB (Apache Derby can be used as backend)
    • No dependencies
    • No network traffic between Collaborilla service and repository: faster data access
  • LDAP alone is not sufficient
    • difficult (impossible?) to index
    • hard to adapt to new features (discussions, ...)
  • Jackrabbit's JAAS (Java Authentication and Authorization Service) can be combined with Shibboleth


  • Which backend should we use?
    • JDBC, Derby, XML, ...
    • Performance?
    • Is the size of blobs limited?
    • Do big data blobs impact the performance?
  • Does it make sense to publish directly into the content repository?
  • Should we switch to RMI?

Implementation - What Jackrabbit can be used for

  • Content repository for Collaborilla
  • RDF-information and the dependencies
  • Publishing of containers directly to the repository
    • Conzilla to Jackrabbit or
    • Conzilla to Collaborilla to Jackrabbit
    • Usage of native Jackrabbit WebDAV
      • Is there an implementation?
      • How good is the implementation?
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