The Knowledge Management Research Group

Component-based learning technologies

The design, use and reuse of learning material for the digital era require a modular design philosophy.

In collaboration with the National Ageny for Education (Skolverket) the KMR-group is presently working on a component composition environment called VWE (Virtual Workspace Environment), where components will be easily integrated into customized learning modules in a work process that will support both a single "component composer" as well as a team of such composers that are involved in different forms of collaborative curriculum design[1].

[1] This work is the major theme of a doctoral thesis project on knowledge components by Fredrik Paulsson under the supervision of Ambjörn Naeve.

Component projects (with meta-data)
SCAM structure(with meta-data)


  • Our portfolio system SCAM, Standardized Content Archive Management.
  • Have a look at a portfolio movie describing practical uses of digital learning portfolios (by the National Agency for Education).
  • We have also sketched some scenarios for how to use digital learning portfolios.
  • [Folio thinking]
  • WVE


Contact: Fredrik Paulsson

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