Semantic Web


  • SCAM: (Standardized Contextualized Access to Metadata) A framework for helping applications to store and access RDF-based metadata on the Semantic Web.
  • SHAME: (Standardized Hyper-Adaptible Metadata Editor) A framework for editing and presenting RDF. SHAME is a library for building editors, presentations, and query interfaces for resource-centric RDF-based metadata on the Semantic Web.

Conceptual Browsing and Overview Creation

  • Conzilla: A Concept Browser for the Semantic Web

Electronic Archiving and Opinion Publication

  • Confolio: An Electronic Portfolio System for the Semantic Web

Interactive Mathematics

Research Projects

  • Projective Drawing Board: An interactive 2D program for studying projective geometry.
  • CyberMath: An interactive 3D program for studying mathematical transformations.

Student Projects

  • MapCon? (1984): Visualizing conformal mappings of the complex plane.
  • DrawBoard? (1986): Interactive 2D projective geometry on a Lisp machine (Interlisp 1108).
  • MacWallpaper (1987): Generating the 17 wallpaper patterns from a drawing of a primitive domain.
  • MacDrawBoard (1988): Interactive 2D projective geometry on a Macintosh II.
  • HyperFlow (1988): Visualizing the workings of a computer.
  • MapAnalyze (1989): Visualizing mathematical transformations.
  • PrimeTime (1992): Defending yourself by arithmetic.
  • S-Reflections? (1994): Generating wave-front reflections on a Symbolics Lisp machine.

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