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RDF binding of LOM metadata

NOTE: The development of this binding has been halted. Development continues within the joint DCMI/IEEE LTSC Taskforce

This page used to contain an RDF binding of IMS metadata v1.2. See here if you're it.

This page contains a  development draft of an IEEE LTSC LOM v1.0 RDF binding. This is being produced within IEEE LTSC LOM, and will (hopefully) result in an official LOM RDF binding (IEEE LTSC P1484.12.4, to be precise).

The binding was presented in a paper at the ARIADNE conference 2003.

This binding consists of a number of documents:

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Contributors (thanks!)


Matthias Palmér <>.

Ambjörn Naeve <>.

From KBS

Wolfgang Nejdl <>.

Boris Wolf <>.

Hadhami Dhraief <>.

Jan Brase <>.


Gustaf Neumann <>.

Susanne Guth <>.

Bernd Simon <>.

Thomas Enzi <>.


Jon Mason

Eric Miller