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RDF binding of IMS content packaging

This page considers a RDF binding of the IMS content packaging standard effort.

There are some considerations a binding has to take a stand on. We have already had some discussions which form a basic FAQ on example 2.

A similiar discussion on example 1 will be put up shortly.

Example 1

Constructed by: Hadhami Dhraeif, Matthias Palmer and Wolf Siberski.

This example comes very close too the IMS content packaging data model.

Example 2

Constructed by:  Hadhami Dhraeif and Matthias Palmer

Example There is a shorthand for linking in CP-resources, just point to them directly from an organization via dc:hasPart or dc:hasPart to a rdf:sequence which contains them. This is translated just as pointing to intermedient organizations, one for each CP-resource which in turn points to the CP-resources via rdf:value. This shortcut is only possible when no information should be added on the intermedient organization.
Also, note that the distinction between the shortcut, i.e. pointing directly to an CP-resource or to a organization lies in the fact that a resource is of the type organization or not. Hence if the structure of a CP-resource should be visible as a part of the organization struture you only need to type the CP-resource to be a organization and point to it like any other resource, there is no way to tell the cases apart. Here is a picture that illustrates how the shorthand (pointing to a resource that isn't of the type organization) should be interpreted.

Organization shortcut

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