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Conzilla demo - Växten och Marken

What this demo shows

When you have gotten through the 11 points here on the right, what you have been doing is something that we call "surfing the context" (8-9), "checking the content" (6) respectively "viewing the content" (10) filtered by a (two-dimensional) combination of different aspects (11).

This demo:

There are not many things that work and important functions like "Back" do not work in the demo.

The real Conzilla application is a stand-alone application. That is why this demo is run in its own window and links are opened in new windows all the time. This is very annoying, but that is not how the real Conzilla works.

This demo requires Macromedia Shockwave Flash. Your screen should be at least 1024 pixels wide.

Get Flash!


Ambjörn Naeve <>
Bo Westerlund <>

A route through the demo:

1. Get Flash 4.

2. Click on "Prova demon"

3. Click "Move on"

4. Click "Search". The only thing you can search for right now is "fotosyntes".

5. Point to the top one of the three knowledge components that appear. You will then get a pop-up menu with the choices SURF, VIEW, INFO, STORE.

6. Choose INFO. You are now checking this component. You will see a window with information (= metadata) about the information (= data), describing things like author, affiliation, language used, etc.

7. Close the Metadata window by clicking in its upper left corner.

8. Point to the same "Fotosyntes" box and choose SURF. You are now moving into the context of this knowledge-component, which is the project "Växten och Marken" (The Plant and the ground (= earth)) at SLU (= Sveriges LantbruksUniversitet).

9. Point again to "Fotosyntes" and choose SURF. You will se how the concept "Fotosyntes" becomes a context for some other concepts.

10. Point again to "Fotosyntes" and choose VIEW. You will see the appearance of a (two-dimensional) aspect-filter in the right half of the window. Here you can filter the content of the concept "Fotosyntes" through a matrix-combination of two sets of different aspects. The school-level-aspects are combined with the rest of the displayed aspects of photosynthesis. (Note that the Swedish term "Högskola" (= Hochschule) corresponds to the English term "University").

11. Move the cursor over the elements of the 3x3-matrix and click on one of the elements that responds with by changing its colour to yellow. You will then view the content of e.g. the high-school-level-aspect of the climate-aspect of the concept of photosynthesis.