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This is the web page for Anthony Word's PRAO weeks, or work experience, at KTH, NADA, CID. During these weeks, I have been experiencing how to work with a program called graphic calculator. It lets a person enter a equation and graph it in 2D or 3D graph. It is very fun to work with. Here is some of the equations I made. Warning!!! You must have a QuickTime plug-in to see the web pages. If not or your QuickTime version is outdated, go to www.apple.com/quickTime. or if you need the newest version of QuickTime, go to www.apple.com/QuickTime/download/. Click on the pictures also to see them in a larger size so it can save you more time on the internet.

To see this while animating, click here. This equation for this is y<ncos2r. I like this one because it looks like aliens changing into another form that is not know to humans.

The next equation is periodic.


The equation was y= cos2x, and y=sin2x. This one was fairly easy. The first y, or the red line, starts at one and goes down to negative one while the purple starts from zero, goes up to one and then back down to negative one.


The next one takes a more dramatic appearance.

This one was made by squaring the equation above. The equations were y=sin2x^2 and y=cos2x^2. This graph made it look like it took a more dramatic appearance because the 2 made it go up and down two times before it reaches two on the x-axis.

The next picture is a cube with rounded corners. This equation is z^20+y^20+x^20=1. This means that no matter what z, x, and y is, it always has to equal less than one. My boss, Ambjörn, made this one.

The next cube is one I made myself and involved more equations to be more exact at the corners.

This equation involved six separate equations. They were all the same number. z=24, z=-24, y=24; y=-24, x=24, and x=-24. Click here to see a movie of it spinning around.

These two pictures remind me of a meteor crashing into a solid matter, while the matter starts to curve in the direction of where the meteor is going. The equation for the red part is z=nx^2+y^2 and the one for the yellow is z=r/5.


This one is a magic carpet sort of thing. The equation for this one is z=xsin(1/x+n). Click here to to see the magic carpet animated.

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